Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Art Opening Tomorrow at Picture Perfect Frames

Ok, I am tired! I am having my first opening tomorrow with a truly great and well educated artist, Jane Bryant. Next to her, I feel like the generic potato chip sitting next to the high end designer chip like " Miss Vickie's" Haha I am a little nervous, but I have had to learn so many new things in this process like printing, mating, and measuring backer board. I owe Marlene a big hug for having patience with me. I am not a stupid woman, but I could not measure! We finally settled upon a new method instead of saying 4/8ths she would tell me to count 2 little lines 1 med. line and 1 big line etc. I am a visual person.... not a number person! It was so fun for me, not for my teachers though.

I love some of the new things I painted...hate to sell them and say goodby.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Kim, I would give anything if I could be at your opening. And you have nothing for which to apologize. Your work is fresh and vibrant, and I'm just stunned that you picked up a brush and did this! People strive for YEARS to do what you're doing, and you are a gifted artist right out of the box.

Don't ever underestimate yourself, or Mrs. Magpie will come over with her switch. ;-) I am thrilled to have one of your pieces for my collection! Do you remember how quickly I found a place for it on my wall??? And I'm picky, picky.

Folk art is not only warm and happy, but it's about putting a smile on people's faces. "A merry heart worketh good like a tonic." That is no small thing. That is a BIG thing, and the children who have your paintings in their rooms are creating memories to tuck in the pockets of their hearts forever. And that goes equally for the big people who are blessed enough to have one of your mermaids.That's great big. These mermaids sew happiness wherever they "swim."

I am so PROUD of you. And you may rest assured that Alvenia and your mom are, too. You go out there and sell a million mermaids! And take pictures of those babies before you sell them. I want to see!

Love you,

Sheila :-)

Ticklish Mermaids said...

Sheila, Thank you so much! You truly have the gift of encouragment! I am a little nervous.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Don't be. You'll knock it out of the ballpark, Kim! You always do! I have never known you not to succeed at everything you've ever done. And these girls in all of their cuteness and their funness (is that a word?) will sell themselves. They already have. You'll be great. :-)

Please do take pictures so we can see!