Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

This is one of my all time Halloween Favorites!!!
These are my wooden, whimsical witches!!!

I think she reminds me of Elphaba from "Wicked" I loved that play and the first part of the book. I did not finish it :(

Happy Halloween Ya'll!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Mermaid Family

I painted this of my three little children. They are not so little anymore...17,15, and 13. I do not know where the time goes. I remember when I thought it would all be so easy if they could all put on their own shoes. Now, I love it when they are all home and safe for the night. My life was filled with "Barney" and "Power Rangers" now it is ESPN and Reality T.V. and 17 years later, I still do not get to watch PBS...( my favorite)I am painting more and more children and "best friends" I love it! On a literary note, I am reminded of one of the kids favorite childhood poems.."The owl and the pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat..."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life is short!

A boy died last night in a car accident Lakeland. He was a smart beautiful boy. He was one of those kids who shone brightly. You knew him; you liked him; you wanted him to succeed; you worried about him and you never wanted this to happen. Death comes to us all, but when it comes early we grieve a little harder. On this day, as I comfort my family and myself and I hope that everyone is right with God and at peace with all that they love. Once again, I am reminded that life is short, too short to sweat the small stuff. I am reminded of the poem by Shakespeare...." The Seven Ages of Man'...All the world's a stage, and a man in his time plays many parts ... each with it's entrances and it's exits... This is from memory so forgive the mistakes. This boy had an early exit.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Beacon Gallery in Savannah

I had such a good time down at Tybee with Debbie in her over the top Gallery! I am so sorry that I did not get a picture of her and her shop! It is such a surprise to find such a great quality shop on Tybee. I swear I have to laugh because she is right down from where a corner bar named "Kitten's Corner"used to be. I remember as a kid the door was right on the corner and it had that 60's black siamese cat on it. You know the one that looked kinda sexy. You could not see in the frosted door and I always wondered what it was like inside? Right down the street was a small amusement park... really small... a tiny ferris wheel is all I remember. All of this was on Butler Avenue. People used to walk up and down the beach selling boiled peanuts in little brown bags for a quarter and you could rent these huge rafts for $.50 a half hour.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Great Road Trip to Savannah

The Tybee Lighthouse

I went to Savannah. I went to take my mermaids and witches to a gallery on Tybee. The shop is owned by Debbie and well worth a visit. She has a little bit of all kinds of art. I love it! I took two of my kids with me and we shopped on Broughton Street ate in the City market and did a lot of people watching!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Metal Witch

I just drew this witch today and I am starting to rust it. This was step two and it was supposed to show the rust, but it is too hard to see. I am going to Savannah on Sunday.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rusted Mermaids, I love instant Gratification!

I have worked for three days reading about how to create RUST!! I am shocked at the number of sites that discuss how to create rust! It is a very interesting feels a little like a Junior High Science fair project. First, you have to burn the Zinc coating off the galvanized steel. I did this using muriatic acid. It smelled awful, but I was gloved up and wore a mask and glasses. It was a little scary, but it certainly was effective. Then I washed it off and sprinkled it with table salt and Clorox. Who Knew?? I left it over night and then sprayed some peroxide on it, as per instructions. I was mesmerized by the whole process. I had to drag myself away because I am... "Instant Gratification Girl" and the whole thing started rusting right before my eyes.