Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"when the world is puddle-wonderful"

Spring Time Means Sustainer Parties!

I went to a fabulous, beautiful, and fun Spring Party . I asked my friends if I could blog about them and they all said sure, but I had to use famous names...sooo On the far left is Tippi Hedron. She has 5 beautiful blond boys and 1 pretty little girl. The oldest is 15 and she always looks this beautiful. No, ladies we cannot hate her because she is so so nice and sweet. She volunteers a ton, loves the Lord, and homeschools. I wonder if she sleeps. I am really impressed with "Tippi".

Here we have Cameron and Lucy. I love these girls...smart, fun, and beautiful. If I were in it I would
be Jacqueline Smith and we could be the new and old Charlie's Angels.

In this picture, I have a cousin, a neighbor, an old friend and a new friend and me. Can you guess which one I am? Somebody called me Betty Rubble. Now do you know?

The table was beautiful with delightful little sandwiches, cheese wafers,and all the customary food. You know here in the South, especially if the hostess is a Georgia Girl, we will have salted pecans, homemade cheesestraws, and chicken salad or pimento cheese, and little pecan pie tarts. There was more of course, but I was too busy "shooting the breeze", "chewing the fat" "chit chatting" to notice.The red Gerber daisys were so vibrant.

The title is from an E.E. Cummings poem, In Just- Spring.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lions, and Tigers, and Twitter Oh My!!! I am not in Kansas anymore.

I am having such a great time with all of this new technology that I am finding little time to paint, clean, cook, or worst of all grocery shop! I am suppossed to be updating my website and instead I just learned how to add twitter to my blog. Maybe, I will addict the rest of you. I don't want to twitter alone ya'll! Isn't that the first sign of an addiction? I don't think talking to your girlfriends as you have a nice glass of Pinot at 5:00 is drinking alone. Do you??? I hope not...I still have no computer with my pictures. I am using teenagers laptop...they would be irritated because I don't let them use my computer. They think all I do is eat bon bons and paint all day. Today, it is salt and vinegar potato chips and TWITTER. I feel like Dorothy...Lions, and Tigers, and Twitter Oh My!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I am back...

I am so glad to be back blogging. Thank you to those of you who checked on my wherabouts. I have been on a trip, preparing for an art show, doing an art show, unpacking from the art show, cleaning out The Mermaid Shed, and LIFE with husband, kids, and dogs.

My husband had to install an external hard drive for all of my pictures and istead of being faster, it is now slower !!! I am about to be without a computer for a few days so I just wanted to say hi!