Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Art show Thursday

See Ticklish Mermaids Art!
Thursday, October 8th 7-9
Live Music
Black and Brew

Come by and say Hi and listen to some great Music!  Info about Black and Brew night!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I do not know how people manage two or more blogs!
I cannot find time to blog about Ticklish Mermaids and my new one.  Friends, please be patient while I figure it out.  I am painting lots of dogs and flowers and mermaids of course.  In addition to being a wife and mother and a ME!

OH Yeah! I think Daisy is preggo!!! Please follow her...Her blog seems so lonely with so few friends!Also, please send me good dog blog links.xxxooo

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Chicken Wall

I know I am supposed to be painting mermaids in The Mermaid Shed, but....
I Love Chickens!
What is it about chickens that make people want to collect them? I cannot tell you how many of my painter friends love to paint them. I know I am supposed to be painting Mermaids in The Mermaid Shed, but I can't help it. I was just watching a gardening show on PBS and lo and behold the woman had a beautiful formal garden and....A Chicken coop!! I almost wept with jealousy. I would love to have a chicken coop. I did have a single chicken once. I agreed to let my son bring it home from kindergarten. We named it "CHICKIE CHICKIE" It rode on my shoulder. I loved that chicken, but boy did it smell. I still loved it and would love to have one now.
This is my chicken wall as my children call it. The large painting is by a really great artist, Madison Latimer. I love her vibrant colors and her unique take on the rooster! Very creative. She did an art show at my home and I was in heaven with wall to wall poultry! If you ever see a giant box truck on the road with painted chickens all over it, that will be her!

This rather blurry picture shows my two latest paintings. I prefer the yellow one. I need to work on the tail on the black and white one. The way I work is that I hang my paintings around my house in various places and live with them for a while. Usually, I see some thing that bugs me. My husband does not understand the point of this... he thinks everything is great and does not enjoy discussing the nuances of a rooster's tail!

Really, I love him. I need to name him. Henny Penny??

I like the texture that I put around his head, but his tail needs to be larger. I like the background. I used some new colors.

Well, I hope you like my chickens....maybe the next time I can share about a chicken coop in my own garden!

Oh and if you have time check out my other blog, or my new Squidoo lens,

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Just Squidooed! Have you?

I have been so busy here at Ticklish Mermaids!

I just started a new blog devoted to my precious dog Daisy Delilah. I am about to breed her with Moses, my English Cream and I thought it would be fun to document and share our journey. Please check it out...she needs followers!

I have really missed everyone! Thanks for all the sweet emails!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am starting a new blog devoted to my precious,Golden Retriever, Daisy! I know the blog world does not need another Dog blog, but I just could not resist! I would love for her to have followers so help pass this on to anyone who enjoys the antics of a house full of dogs. Thanks!


Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Been a Long Hot Summer!

Ok, I have been away from my sweet blog for so long! But, I have not been idle! I have been painting my latest inspirations...tropical flowers. Don't be impressed ! I live in Florida for goodness sake. It really is the only thing I can grow with any modicum of success.

I love my mermaids and I have to admit that I do feel rather guilty when I paint other subjects sooo I incorporated them into my newest beauty.... a tropical maid no less.

I love Picnik. I cannot resist playing around with it. If you have not tried it you really should!

Purple Rain Hibiscus! Color known to man?? No idea!

Blue Orchid??? No idea...but I really like the background and the bluish color!

Red Hibiscus...ok I have seen that!

I am so sorry! I have been an unfaithful blogger and I need to do penance. Let me know what I can do to make amends??? I promise to blog more later about.....LIFE!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Savannah or Bust

36 Hours in Savannah

I had to take some new paintings to the Atlantic Beacon Gallery on Tybee Island this weekend so I combined a little business with pleasure! My sweet husband booked a room at The Mansion on Forsyth. It is really beautiful and worthy of its 4 star ranking. As we walked up, I realized that part of this beautiful building used to be a funeral home. I didn't tell sweet husband and not surprisingly it was not mentioned in any of the promo literature.

The picture below is at the hotel entrance.

This is the entrance to the great restaurant and also the old funeral home, but I kept it to myself for a while...I am really not good at keeping secrets.

This is the ceiling of the elevator...the light shines from above it illuminating the image. This is the fountain across the street in the park!

The walls in the lobby were covered with silk and had these fabulous paintings. Very Modern and avant garde. It is a perfect combination of modern decor with historic architecture.

These are the hallways leading to the guest rooms. I could not believe all of the great paintings!

Interesting Sculpture by the elevator...picture is a little blurry...sorry!

Ok, I loved these chairs in the restaurant... so unexpected and comfy too!

More Chairs! This one is guilded with gold lame back and leather seat. It sounds horrible, but it really works. Whoever decorated this hotel had guts and creativity! Yes, that is blue crushed velvet on the drapes in the background. I know, but it really works.

I can eat my weight in fried green tomatoes!

They were the best that I have ever had and I loved that they were offered for breakfast! I love them, but you know I hate the way the house smells after I fry. Nothing like a cast iron skillet, some cornmeal, and Wesson oil! I just wish it wasn't so bad for your diet. I did not tell my trainer today about the fried food.

I also did not tell her about the Chicken fingers and spuds that Spanky's is so famous for.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Mayfaire Memories

I Felt the Love in Lakeland!

Maya did a great job this year. She along with countless volunteers really put on a great event!

The day started off with a lot of laughs.

Brenda is a joy to work with at the Museum. A Great Professional

These girls bought two of my favorites.

Tom is a true Renaissance man.

Everybody had so much fun chit chatting and catching up. It really was so much fun. I saw old friends from my teaching days, Bible Study friends, former students, artists friends, and blogging buddies!The group was eclectic, fun, and joyful! Even though we were literally burning up!

Meet Phyliss! She was my sweet neighbor at Mayfaire! Look for her on the circuit. I could not keep my family out of her tent. I do not even want to know how much they spent. Great art!

Lorrie on the right was my great other neighbor! I got a beautiful silver bracelet Mother's Day Gift from her booth. The world Famous Koko Brandao is on the left. She had a fabulous booth filled with beautiful paintings. Why is she not in her Booth??? Her sweet husband must be watching.

Mother's Day brought them all out....almost.
Hank and Moses had to stay home.
Thanks for letting me share these memories. When I started painting a year or so ago, we were all joking wouldn't it be fun to get in Mayfaire. Who would have thought??? I guess dreams do come true.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Mayfaire!

I was Topless at Mayfaire!

I have so many things that I want to share about my weekend at Mayfaire that I am going to bore ya'll with all of them over the next few posts so please hang with me!

Episode one... and these are not in any order... I was so excited and overwhelmed on Friday that I forgot to tell dear sweet husband to strap on the top to the tent!!! We left to go check on the children and when we returned the top plus awnings were draped in the front. I apparently had everyone buzzing and sympathizing about the TOPLESS tent!

My sweet friend Koko, sent her husband over to help and the tent went back up....another funny story about this later!

This is me checking in with my good friend Carey....I am on the left.

Here is my good friend sweating it out in my booth helping me in the 100 degree heat! I think I owe her a kidney!!

I will talk about these pictures tomorrow!