Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Chicken Wall

I know I am supposed to be painting mermaids in The Mermaid Shed, but....
I Love Chickens!
What is it about chickens that make people want to collect them? I cannot tell you how many of my painter friends love to paint them. I know I am supposed to be painting Mermaids in The Mermaid Shed, but I can't help it. I was just watching a gardening show on PBS and lo and behold the woman had a beautiful formal garden and....A Chicken coop!! I almost wept with jealousy. I would love to have a chicken coop. I did have a single chicken once. I agreed to let my son bring it home from kindergarten. We named it "CHICKIE CHICKIE" It rode on my shoulder. I loved that chicken, but boy did it smell. I still loved it and would love to have one now.
This is my chicken wall as my children call it. The large painting is by a really great artist, Madison Latimer. I love her vibrant colors and her unique take on the rooster! Very creative. She did an art show at my home and I was in heaven with wall to wall poultry! If you ever see a giant box truck on the road with painted chickens all over it, that will be her!

This rather blurry picture shows my two latest paintings. I prefer the yellow one. I need to work on the tail on the black and white one. The way I work is that I hang my paintings around my house in various places and live with them for a while. Usually, I see some thing that bugs me. My husband does not understand the point of this... he thinks everything is great and does not enjoy discussing the nuances of a rooster's tail!

Really, I love him. I need to name him. Henny Penny??

I like the texture that I put around his head, but his tail needs to be larger. I like the background. I used some new colors.

Well, I hope you like my chickens....maybe the next time I can share about a chicken coop in my own garden!

Oh and if you have time check out my other blog, or my new Squidoo lens,

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Just Squidooed! Have you?

I have been so busy here at Ticklish Mermaids!

I just started a new blog devoted to my precious dog Daisy Delilah. I am about to breed her with Moses, my English Cream and I thought it would be fun to document and share our journey. Please check it out...she needs followers!

I have really missed everyone! Thanks for all the sweet emails!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am starting a new blog devoted to my precious,Golden Retriever, Daisy! I know the blog world does not need another Dog blog, but I just could not resist! I would love for her to have followers so help pass this on to anyone who enjoys the antics of a house full of dogs. Thanks!


Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Been a Long Hot Summer!

Ok, I have been away from my sweet blog for so long! But, I have not been idle! I have been painting my latest inspirations...tropical flowers. Don't be impressed ! I live in Florida for goodness sake. It really is the only thing I can grow with any modicum of success.

I love my mermaids and I have to admit that I do feel rather guilty when I paint other subjects sooo I incorporated them into my newest beauty.... a tropical maid no less.

I love Picnik. I cannot resist playing around with it. If you have not tried it you really should!

Purple Rain Hibiscus! Color known to man?? No idea!

Blue Orchid??? No idea...but I really like the background and the bluish color!

Red Hibiscus...ok I have seen that!

I am so sorry! I have been an unfaithful blogger and I need to do penance. Let me know what I can do to make amends??? I promise to blog more later about.....LIFE!!