Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am learning how to do a slide show!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gardening is not for Sissies in Florida

The Freeze Hit Me Twice !
A Cautionary Tale about Gardening
In the spirit of Outdoor Wednesday, I am wallowing in my distress over my frozen burned up yard. I did not cover as some of my friends did because the stuff at Lowes was too expensive and I did not want to have to wash every sheet in my house. My male friends used their sheets because they knew their wives would wash them!! So, for the sake of minimal laundry, I gambled that it would not really get that cold in my little, beloved yard. I mean, afterall, it has been 3-4 years since it has been cold and with all the talk about global warming.... well... he who hesitates is lost, and yes I am crying over spilled milk!!
This is a collage of before and after pictures of my backyard in sunny Florida. (I love this website, Picnik, for fun and easy picture editing).

I did not cover my hybiscus on the far left or my bouganvilla standard in the center. Nor did I cover the podocarpus on the far right.

Here is a tip, do not lay new St. Augustine in the Fall because it will look like this IF it freezes.

In an earlier post I showed this view of my spathyphillums, ginger, and crotons....before they were burned up! What is it they say about pride going before a fall???

This is one of my Traveller Palms. It will look like this until the middle of summer. I am growing to like khaki. It is Florida's new green.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Shirley Temple Watch out!

Little Miss Personality
Olivia knows how to brighten a garden!
Olivia is beautiful in her parents' perennial garden. I hope it made it through the freeze!

Posing comes naturally to Olivia ! Both of her parents are talented performers. Mom is a professional Opera singer and Dad, in addition, to being an accomplished pianist, has his Phd. in Music. The family is a fixture in the local arts and music scene.

This is not a great picture...sorry! In my Christmas rush, I failed to take good pictures. This was a gift for Dad for their beach house in Florida. I loved incorporating the "Diva" crown, the ballet slippers, and the wonderful culy hair. Sorry you cannot tell from the shot, but it is really cute! The text overlay is from Picnik...I just discovered it and I love it!

I swear all she needs is some tap shoes and the Good Ship Lollipop and she is a star!