Thursday, December 11, 2008

I was inspired by Confessions of a Plate addict!

This is dedicated to Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict. Hello...I am Kim and I too am addicted to porcelain. Lol, I love her last post from yesterday and she inspired me to do a post on my collection of Blue and White. One of the things I collect is blue and white. A little lesson for those of you who are not "addicted" Blue and White is a term that can mean a lot of things. It can mean English Transferware like Blue Willow by Spode; it can refer to Chinese porcelain which is often called Canton. Canton is the region where most was produced. It can be Japanese porcelain called Arita, this is the region like Canton. In the pix below the large platter in the center is Blue Willow. The Surrounding plates are Canton and the smaller rectangle plates are Arita. The plates below on the wall are all Chinese Canton.
This is an old plate mixed with some reproductions. I like to have a knowledge of what I collect, but I am not a purist! I believe if you love it mix it and do not worry if it matches. It is all in the mix right!?!

Thanks for letting me put on my old school teacher hat today!


profenretraite said...

KIM!!! I had no idea you collected plates! I am drooling at your gorgeous collection! I love the way you have displayed them. You are so sweet to dedicate this post to me. I am definitely a "plates on the wall" kind of person and I am sooooo impressed by what you have done. Yes, I agree. I am no purist either. I have antique plates from France right along side Spode I found at Ross for $5.99. Thank you so much for sharing! I love them!!! ...hugs...Debbie

Donna@designson47thstreet said...

Gorgeous plates and especially on the yellow wall!
I lOVED the pic of your kitty sitting in a bowl. Aren't they just so funny?

tardevil said...

They are beautiful...I collect brown & white transferware, and I can only imagine what you went through trying to hang them! Love the children's photos too! Oh, and thanks for the lesson. Didn't know the Chinese porcelain had a name...good lesson.

Ticklish Mermaids said...

Thanks ya'll ! I love Plates and really all porcelain. Tar, I love brown and white transferware. Please post some pix. I think that combo is handsome, timeless and perfect with today's decor. I really try to focus on asian porcelain.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Kim, I adore your collection! You've done great with all your blue and white. I also love your new blog design. I was waiting for a new post to compliment you on it, and this is the perfect one for that. It's so cute! Like all of your "ticklish" headings! :-)

Call me if you get a chance. I'm buried, but I'm starting to see daylight. Just coming up for air to say, "Hi."

Oh, and I wanted to ask you a mermaid question. Thanks...