Monday, February 9, 2009

Shirley Temple Watch out!

Little Miss Personality
Olivia knows how to brighten a garden!
Olivia is beautiful in her parents' perennial garden. I hope it made it through the freeze!

Posing comes naturally to Olivia ! Both of her parents are talented performers. Mom is a professional Opera singer and Dad, in addition, to being an accomplished pianist, has his Phd. in Music. The family is a fixture in the local arts and music scene.

This is not a great picture...sorry! In my Christmas rush, I failed to take good pictures. This was a gift for Dad for their beach house in Florida. I loved incorporating the "Diva" crown, the ballet slippers, and the wonderful culy hair. Sorry you cannot tell from the shot, but it is really cute! The text overlay is from Picnik...I just discovered it and I love it!

I swear all she needs is some tap shoes and the Good Ship Lollipop and she is a star!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

I cannot believe Olivia is so grown up! I haven't seen her in ages, Kim, and she's a young lady now. What a cutie pie, and so is that mermaid! You are GOOD!

Loved seeing the pictures of your cute subject, and the pics of the mermaid, too. I like the overlay.

Great job as usual! You rock, Mrs. Mermaid!


Mrs. Magpie :-)

prof en retraite said...

Oh cute she is! And you did a great job on her mermaid! Love it...Debbie