Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

I have been on an Animal Streak!

I don't know about ya'll but I am Streaky.  I get on kicks and off I go!  This month has been a feline/canine month with a few ticklish mermaids thrown in for good measure!
This is my friend's dog, Otis! He is a beautiful boxer and this was my birthday present to her! She is a crazy dog person like me!

I painted this for my new friend, Suzette!
This is of her recently passed away, Bailey.!
 I think I was watching Kathy Bates on her new tv show and must have been thinking of "CUJO" by Stephen King.  Do ya'll remember that movie??? SCARY I named this painting angry dog. I don't think I do angry very well...not my style!
I was feeling a
 little blue !
 This reminds me of a gray cat that we used to own when my kids were small named John. Or John John the super cat as he was aptly named. I got him at the SPCA after I had a grove rat jump on my leg under my long skirt one morning.  We had rats chewing through the ceiling and staring down at us as we laid in bed; and rats chewing holes through loaves of bread.  We tried traps and they scoffed, exterminating services and they giggled, poison and they died in the walls.  None of these things worked until we got a kitty.  Our rat problem was solved in a week and we will now never be without one!
 We now have two calicos,LILY and MILLY! They are twins as we rescued them together. 
 Red Kitty to go with my Blue Dog!
And we always have MERMAIDS!!!
I Really have gone red with my hair! I go on streaks with my hair too...LOL pun intended.

Thanks for taking a peek.  
 I am about to go on a froggy streak so stay tuned!

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