Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I have finally finished the Mermaid Shed

I have had so much fun converting this old work shed into an art studio. I wish I had taken before pictures...but I never seem to get around to it. I installed air, painted,added new lighting, and added a new window and a new door for more light. I like the mermaid on the front. It reminds me of the signs from Colonial and early English times when shopkeepers advertisied their wares and professions via signs due to the illiteracy rates. I guess not really relevant now...but it looked good and it matched the trim..haha. Take it either way. I had fun with the checkerboard. It was really easy and I did not fool with taping. I never tape as i do not have the patience. My husband saw the process and had to leave as I was painting b/c he is a measurer and a perfectionist. It only took me an hour and it would have taken all day. He said when it was all over that it was the best looking most inexact floor he had ever seen! I took that as a compliment.


Spider63 said...

Wow, that is really nice!!

Pixel-Pixie said...

Looks great - I love the mermaid on the front!