Thursday, June 5, 2008

Me Posing with My Mermaids

This is me posing with one of my mermaid cutouts at The Restless Native on Anna Maria. I am having a lot of fun working with wood and using my new skill saw. I got saw horses and a skill saw for Mother's day. I have discovered that the possibilities are endless with a saw and a big piece of plywood!


YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Welcome to blogging. I just stumble upon your blog(anyone whos interest is golden retriever is worth a visit).
That mermaid cutout is quite cool!
Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Kim said...

Thanks. I love Goldens. I now have two.

Anonymous said...

hiç te komik değil ama ne gülüon


YD's a little bit of everything place said...


Please feel free to check out my blog. I just started that last month. I have 2 goldens as well. Love them.