Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Japanese Imari and Things I miss.

I am still playing with my camera. This is a pix of my Imari. In the background, is a painting by Allen Fireall. He is one of my favorite Artists from Savannah, Georgia. I have three of his paintings. I love his vibrant colors. His art speaks to me because I am from Savannah and I miss it terribly. I love Florida and being in a great small town, but it really is not the same. I miss fried oysters from Williams Seafood. ( It burned down). I miss people saying "Yes Mam" and it not being commented on or thought strange. I miss the change of seasons where it is cool in the morning and hot in the afternoons. I miss the leaves changing even a little. I miss everything being old and familiar. There are just some things that don't change in Savannah and in some ways that is very comforting. I need to turn off the news...it is making me too sad and nostalgic for a simpler time.

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