Thursday, January 8, 2009

Meet The California Mermaids!

Mermaids are commonly thought of as mythical sea creatures of the Siren variety. However, a Ticklish Mermaid is something so much more! We are women who support and embrace our friends. We value the wisdom of our elders while retaining the fun of our youth! We know how precious life is and we strive to enjoy our lives and our families. We can find joy in the mundane and we are always friendly and polite. Life is too short to be ugly and we put a high value on creativity and originality. Ticklish Mermaids bring a lot to the table! We are fun, smart, devoted, witty, stylish, sassy, maybe even a little flirty and definitely ticklish!

I would like to introduce Dianne and her California Mermaids and they are definitely of the Ticklish Variety!

My new friend, Dianne , on the right found me on the internet in her search for a gift to honor and delight her friends ...the Mermaids! Here she is with her handsome instructor wearing a Ticklish Mermaid t-shirt she commisioned for Christmas. These beautiful women and handsome instructor below are a part of a swimming group who meet to swim, have fun and support each other. They are an excellent example of what I mean when I talk about being a "ticklish mermaid"! These women are smart, loving, strong, stylish, and clearly have a strong sense of fun! They are truly the embodiment of what my art expresses. I think the t-shirts were a hit and I love the caption that Dianne decided on..."Sea Stumpets...Mermaids Gone Wild!" I painted this after talking with Dianne about her swimming group. She described them as beautiful, fun, culturally diverse, strong and devoted. I was trying to pick a favorite out of these three girls and I really can't. I do think today that I am feeling like the girl in the middle.
Try to figure out which ladies in the two pictures above that I chose to be my models and you might when a prize. (Please excuse this shameless enticement to get you to write me back. )
This is Dianne and her bestfriend, Sandee. They are so blessed to have each other and I am reminded by looking at them what a true and valuable gift a good friend is !!!

Dianne is so sweet that she commissioned "Best Friend" paintings for both of them. I love them both! Below is one of them...the other is floating around in my computer somewhere hiding from me!!! I will be posting more this month on some of the terrific people that I have met through Ticklish Mermaids: and I pay tribute today to Dianne and all of her California Mermaids! Well done ladies for lives being well spent! Thanks Dianne for finding me!


The Quintessential Magpie said...


We missed you out here on the blogsphere, but I know you've been busy, busy which is a good thing!

If I were to guess... hmmmmmm. I am guessing that the mermaid on the left is Diane and the lovely African American mermaid is the lady on the back right of the picture iwth the t-shirts and on the left of the picture where they are all dressed up. The mermaid in the middle? Will have to give that one some thought. :-)

This is a very cute post, and look at all the new fans you have! That is WONDERFUL! You are WONDERFUL and so is your art!

Sending much love your way on this Thursday Eve... Go Gators!


Sheila... who's looking forward to seeing you next week! Love ya lots! :-)

Ticklish Mermaids said...

Thanks Sheila! I hope you win the prize! See you on Monday!

tardevil said...

I love it!!!! The shirts are great! You should have them sold in beaches EVERYWHERE! Paint the world mermaid! Don't worry about being away. I'm following almost 200 blogs, I can't get over evey day either, plus I missed everything in December. It will take me until next Christmas to catch up on it all, I fear! Welcome back!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love the idea of the "best friend" painting. That is such a great idea! Sadly, I can't enter your contest because I had to promise my husband I wouldn't give out our address online...which is a huge bummer whenever I see great stuff being given away! :( But it's still fun to come to your blog and see all your fun items!

Kathleen said...

Hi Kim,

I am sitting here relaxing with a glass of wine after sailing off of Anna Maria Island today. We live here full time. I ran across your fun blog and wanted to say hi. Love your whimsical art. I linked to your blog.


prof en retraite said...

Well how cute! I love the Sea Strumpets and wasn't the coach a good sport to be a mermaid for the day? lol You have done some really cute and creative things. I am glad to see word about you is getting around! hugs...Debbie

JourneytoFamily said...

Congratulations on your blog makeover. I love it! My 3 year old daughter is mermaid obsessed. :) (visiting from Graphically Designing)