Monday, April 12, 2010

We are having Golden Retriever puppies

I am back KINDA!

Hello! to all my sweet blogger friends.  I know I have been gone for so long, but this has been a trying year.  My oldest son is a Senior in High School this year. Last summer was spent helping him apply to colleges....that is a quite an undertaking these days. It is not at all like when I did it.  I had no idea and I feel bad for kids who don't have parental support!   The Fall was spent working on Senior year activities    and highschool Football! My second son is on the team and my husband helps coach.
Then came Christmas and then we got a diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease/ ulcerative colitus  for my Senior son.  It has been an awful struggle with a disease that I had never even heard of really.  It is called UC for short and it is a disease that attacks your colon.  He missed a month of his Senior year and lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks.  I think I gained it through stress eating I am sorry to say. I found great solace in Salt and Vinegar potato chips!  He is up and down and we are praying for remission so he can go to college this Summer.  I had to cancel all painting events and close up the Mermaid Shed. I really can't focus right now.  

THE BIG NEWS in all of this is that my Golden Retriever, Daisy is having puppies!  This will be out first litter and we are sooo excited!  I am posting about her on  

If you have time please follow Daisy and share in this happy time with our family and hopefully I can come back to painting Mermaids and sharing with ya'll again soon!


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Daisy Cottage said...


I've missed you!!!

I hope your son is feeling MUCH better now - I'm so sorry y'all have had to go through this!

And Miss Daisy is adorable!! She is soooooo sweet!! How exciting - motherhood!!!!! Congratulations!