Friday, May 7, 2010

Great Art Show at All Good Things!

Art is Alive and Well in Lakeland, Florida!

My friends at All Good Things, a great gift shop and design studio, hosted several local artists this week  The art was diverse and the company was excellent.  I saw people that I had not seen in a while so I spent most of my time chatting with friends and partaking of the delicious refreshments!

Some of my favorite pieces and sold to fabulous people who will love them like I do.

Of course, everyone loves roosters so they "flew out the door" ( sorry could not resist!).

This painting of my precious Daisy Delilah of fame graced Blake Scarbrough's delightful room.  He has WBS designs and is very sought after for his impeccable taste and style.

More later on all the great artists.

 Sorry, I have not been on for a while but I'm trying!!!  I have a lot of puppies, kids, life etc. right now.


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