Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Mayfaire Memories

I Felt the Love in Lakeland!

Maya did a great job this year. She along with countless volunteers really put on a great event!

The day started off with a lot of laughs.

Brenda is a joy to work with at the Museum. A Great Professional

These girls bought two of my favorites.

Tom is a true Renaissance man.

Everybody had so much fun chit chatting and catching up. It really was so much fun. I saw old friends from my teaching days, Bible Study friends, former students, artists friends, and blogging buddies!The group was eclectic, fun, and joyful! Even though we were literally burning up!

Meet Phyliss! She was my sweet neighbor at Mayfaire! Look for her on the circuit. I could not keep my family out of her tent. I do not even want to know how much they spent. Great art!

Lorrie on the right was my great other neighbor! I got a beautiful silver bracelet Mother's Day Gift from her booth. The world Famous Koko Brandao is on the left. She had a fabulous booth filled with beautiful paintings. Why is she not in her Booth??? Her sweet husband must be watching.

Mother's Day brought them all out....almost.
Hank and Moses had to stay home.
Thanks for letting me share these memories. When I started painting a year or so ago, we were all joking wouldn't it be fun to get in Mayfaire. Who would have thought??? I guess dreams do come true.

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