Friday, October 10, 2008

Beacon Gallery in Savannah

I had such a good time down at Tybee with Debbie in her over the top Gallery! I am so sorry that I did not get a picture of her and her shop! It is such a surprise to find such a great quality shop on Tybee. I swear I have to laugh because she is right down from where a corner bar named "Kitten's Corner"used to be. I remember as a kid the door was right on the corner and it had that 60's black siamese cat on it. You know the one that looked kinda sexy. You could not see in the frosted door and I always wondered what it was like inside? Right down the street was a small amusement park... really small... a tiny ferris wheel is all I remember. All of this was on Butler Avenue. People used to walk up and down the beach selling boiled peanuts in little brown bags for a quarter and you could rent these huge rafts for $.50 a half hour.

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The Quintessential Magpie (Sheila) said...

Kim, look at those cute mermaids! I love the blonde cutout with the green tail. Glad you had fun. :-)

Boiled peanuts remind me so much of Daddy. We used to love to eat them. There was a man in Mississippi who used to sell both boiled and roasted on a highway in Jackson. He would stand in the median, and people would buy them like crazy. Those little brown bags of peanuts are a wonderful memory a lot of us Deep South girls share.

Have you ever eaten the conch fritters out of paper bags that a man in Key West used to sell out of a little trailer stand next to the Seaquarium? If he's still there and if you ever get down that way, treat yourself. They are divine, the best in Florida!

And it's funny about wanting to peep in Kitten's Corner. There was a bar in Mississipi called the Kitty Cat Club. What is it about those cats? Maybe you should do some kitty cutouts next. You could call them catfish! ;-)